Our Core Areas of


AlterX is a private investment and incubation group focused on altering the future of everything. We opportunistically leverage a diverse set of private equity strategies to spinout paradigm shifting tech companies for the mass consumer market. As a holding company, our approach is to both generate and acquire IP and assets that can be alchemized into billion dollar spinout plays. As a multidisciplinary group made up of investors, designers, celebrities, and political influencers, our purpose is to utilize our talent, resources, and diversified networks to ultimately incubate and invent the future.

Evolved Human Experiences

We focus on creating evolved human experiences that work to improve the quality of life for all.

Food for the Culture

We focus on creating "influencer products" that can subtly move humanity forward and shift human culture, consciousness, and behavior.

Infrastructure for the Future

We focus on creating the new systems and structures that need to exist for us to truly enjoy new global realities.

Mass Consumer Market

We only spinout companies that have the potential to achieve rapid scale, mass adoption, and global ubiquity with universal products and solutions that can serve the 99%.

Billion Dollar Paradigm Shifts

We only spinout companies that can forge a clear pathway to $1B+ by moving the needle.

Movement-Led Companies

We only spinout companies that can inspire true consumer movements.

The Future of SELF

We seek to understand new ways of being human, and future forms of self-enhancement. In our research, we ask: How can deep technologies such as robotics, wearable technology, and human augmentation better influence and integrate into our daily lives?

The Future of SOCIAL

We seek to explore new ways that we as human beings can connect, network, and relate to one another. In our research, we ask: How can emerging technologies with "network effects," shift some of the world’s biggest social, cultural, economic, and institutional systems into new paradigms?

The Future of SPACE

We seek to find new ways of experiencing the physical world around us. In our research, we ask: How can future spaces, places, and environments be designed, built, and experienced for the purpose of human flourishing?


Our Core Areas of




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